Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Interview- Thursday April 18

“Hi, I'm Elle Jacklee, the author of The Tree of Mindala: Wunderwood Book One.

 I've been writing off and on since I was about seven years old, and this particular story came to me one brisk, fall day near Halloween. Like the main character in my book, I've always loved Halloween, and by the end of that day, Wunderwood, Miranda Moon, and most of the other characters were born. 

The story centers around Miranda, a girl on the verge of her twelfth birthday, whose overactive imagination has a way of landing her in trouble. This time, she is suspended from school, and she and her younger brother, Marcus, are relegated to the old family cabin. There, Miranda spies an odd water globe. Suddenly they are whisked away to Wunderwood where magic flows through trees, everyone knows their family name, and a sinister warlock, Thornton Crow, is determined to steal not only magic but also hope. As Miranda and Marcus discover branches of their own family tree that they hadn't even known existed, they learn that Thornton has a score to settle with anyone in their bloodline. Especially them. Though justice has always had a way of being naturally restored in Wunderwood, Thornton's latest evil deed just may be the tipping point. And Miranda may be the only one who can stop him. With travel companions that could as easily be foes as friends, and only the cryptic words of a prophecy to guide her, Miranda must decide if she can carry out the task that will either save Wunderwood... or doom it forever. 

Though the main character is a girl, there are prominent male characters throughout that appeal to boys and girls alike. Ultimately, it's a story that celebrates the power of imagination and highlights the importance of facing your fears and striving for balance in life. 

I chose to write middle grade fantasy because it was books in that genre that had the biggest impact on me when I was a child and that I still enjoy today. When kids are introduced to middle grade books, which are typically more complex, more mature, and hopefully more intriguing than the kinds of books they had been reading previously, it's an exciting step up. If a child of that age hasn't already fallen in love with reading, middle grade books have the opportunity and the privilege to ignite that spark in them. I'm very passionate about getting (and keeping!) kids interested in books. In my opinion, reading is not only one of the most important life skills one can have, it's also a really enjoyable pastime. My main reason for writing in that genre (besides the immense enjoyment and fulfillment it gives me) is to help foster a love of reading in children that will serve them well for a lifetime. 

I'm currently working on the second installment of the Wunderwood series which I expect to be released late 2013. Thank you for having me, Anita. It's been a pleasure!”


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