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 The Best Toilet Book in the World

 Book Review:
The Best Toilet Book in the World by Thorey Kristin Thorisdottir

My first ever read of an E-Book.

I tend to read more serious novels but every now and then I want to just escape and laugh..
The book I am reviewing today made me do that.  Not a serious piece with deep hidden meaning that you can ponder for days and discuss at next months book club, but none-the-less worth a look.

The Best Toilet Book in the World by Thorey Kristin Thorisdottir  (
is just what the title says.  It is a series of pictures and short thoughts meant to make you chuckle.  Based on the events in her life as she moved from Iceland to Denmark, the thoughts are things we can all identify with.  Trying to master a new language, make new friends, raise a family, go to college and a few other surprises along the way.

Very funny.   I can't wait to pass it on to others so they can read it while "in the toilet" or just to escape from the day to day drudge for a few minutes.

Available at

Thanks Thorey for sharing with me.


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