Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday--- Guest Interview with upcoming author Hannah Andronic

Today's interview is with  Hannah Andronic

 I just met this sweet young lady about a month ago through GoodReads.  She has impressed me because she is smart, beautiful and ambitious.  I wanted to include her BIO for you to read before you read the excerpt from her soon to be released book.

Hannah Andronic
About this author

I graduated High School as Valedictorian and President of the National Honor Society. I am majoring in Biology and English. My dream along with being a successful writer is to be a scientist and write for the Scientific Journal. I hope to win a Nobel Prize someday. I live with my younger brother and my parents with my two adorable pets, my British Short-haired Cat and my rescue Chihuahua.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book “ Finding You” , which is about a guy named Noel, who is a Sith part Summer and part Shadows; and his adventures at falling in love and transforming into a guy worth loving. It is written from  Noel's point of view, which is first person limited narration.

From page 29-31

“I promise to tell you the truth about who I am Allie, even though you may not like it.”

I pause to regard her kind open face once more, before announcing in the most delicate way possible my deepest secret that I kept from her all this time.

“Allie, the honest to goodness truth is I am not a man. Well, I am a man persay, but I am no human. I am something entirely different. I am from Otherworld. I am one of the Aes Síth.”

Allie looks taken aback for a minute, before she recollects herself and turns to me with pouty lips.

“What are you trying to say, Noel?”

It is exactly moments like these that I would like a giant black hole to just open up in the ground beneath my feet and swallow me whole, even though it is unrealistic and unnatural for random black holes to open up at very unlikely places at the most opportune moments. No, they have to come at inconvenient times, when all you want is for them to stay the hell away. And yes, contrary to popular scientific belief from the ages (Hobby Cock!), there is no such thing as black holes, unless they are in outer space, but gifted scientists know otherwise. They know that there are different kinds of black holes. These so called black holes on earth are actually a break in the veil that separates the earth plane from my own dimension called Otherworld. 

Just do not get it confused with the still popular Netherland reference, for I am no Peter Pan. 

“I am trying to tell you Als that I am not human. I am one of the Aes Síth or what most people call a faerie. However disdainful it is for me to utter such a blasphemous word, it is true. I am not from your world nor am I from your time. I am much older than I appear with manners quite befitting of the nineteenth century than the thirty-seventh.”

Allie exhales a breath through her nose and glances around as if making sure that no one was eavesdropping on our private and dangerous conversation.

“Are you trying to tell me that you’re a freaking faerie on Wayward grounds, the very place that exalts itself as having the greatest minds and mystical powers that built that very forest to entice your brethren into crossing over into Wayward to enslave your kind?”

Her question was more of a statement and even if it was asked as a question, it was a rhetorical one, because she already knew the answer. She knows what I am now and it helps me breathe a little easier knowing that she does. 

However short lived, I want to be truthful with her, but I know that there will come a time where I will not be able to tell her another secret, until I make the ultimate decision of deciding whether we would remain friends or if I could trust her enough with my broken heart to actually touch it in ways only one woman has ever done before.

“I just have one last question for you Noel.”

I lift my eyes from the ground to meet hers.

“If you’re Síth Noel, then why are you here?”

I look deeper into her eyes trying to find the answer in her questioning amber ones, but finding no deeper, philosophical meaning, I smile slightly.

“You’re my reason.”

Hannah can be found at  Watch for her upcoming book release.

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