Sunday, January 15, 2012

About Our Book and this Blog

My sisters and I have written a book and are in the process of getting it published.   I was visiting my sister  Ruth and as usual we were sitting in her sun room drinking our morning coffee and chatting. Ruth said, “We sisters should write a book!”   This sounded like a great idea to me.   After all we all are very good writers and what a treasure it would be to our children.
After talking about it some more, and drinking a couple more cups of coffee, I decided we needed to contact our sister, Vicki, to see what she thought of writing a book.   Vicki is always up for a new adventure so she thought it was a good idea  and it  was decided that we would go for it.
After vacation I went home and started writing.   I wrote two stories, “Growing up in a Small Town” and “Relatives”.    I set the project aside as I became busy with other tasks.   Finally in May all of the sisters went on a vacation to Cabo San Lucas and took my Netbook with me as I always do.  One afternoon I read my stories to the family and it was then that we decided that I would write the first part of every chapter and the other sisters would expound on it with their experiences.
I came back and by the end of June had completed 12 stories.   Now it was time to get my sisters busy.  I sent the writing to all of them and then gave them a deadline to get their parts done.  As the project Manager I knew it was important to have timelines.    The first one came and passed and a few writing were submitted but not all.  With a little gentle encouragement ( and maybe a few threats) we finished the book by November.
We have a publisher and our book should be out by Fall.   
This blog was created to:
  1. ·         share our book writing experiences and the process of getting published
  2. ·         share our dreams
  3. ·         have some fun conversation and make some new friends.

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